Inflation rises to 72,7 percent

ZHL said key moves within this strategy include the consolidation of operations to capitalize on economies of scale, elimination of duplicate costs, and exploring strategic partnerships both locally and regionally to enhance its market presence.

ZIMBABWE’S annual inflation rose to 72,7 percent in March up from 66,1 percent in February, the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency has said.

In January inflation was 60, 6 percent.

Month-on-month inflation in March however eased to 6,3 percent, shedding 0,7 percentage points on the February rate of 7,0 percent.

Authorities forecast annual inflation to end this year between 25 and 35 percent on the back of reserve money targeting, open market operations and fine tuning of the foreign exchange auction market, but exogenous forces in response to conflicts between Ukraine and Russia have emerged as a major threat.


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