Parly committee calls for long-term fix to soften the blow of fuel price hikes

The government recently exhausted its strategic fuel reserves in a bid to avert price increases for fuel.

PARLIAMENT’S Portfolio Committee on Mineral Resources and Energy has called on the government to undertake a “comprehensive review” of South Africa’s fuel pricing regime.

This comes after the National Treasury stepped in to provide relief to South African motorists ahead of this week’s fuel price adjustment by extending a cut to the general fuel levy of R1.50 per litre.

While there was still a R2.43 hike to the price of fuel on Wednesday, the price would have been hiked by almost R4 without the extension. The relief is set to last from the beginning of June to early July, after which the adjustment will be dialled back to 75 cents per litre until early August.

Portfolio Committee on Mineral Resources and Energy chair Sahlulele Luzipo said in a statement that with the government’s relief expected to be withdrawn in two months, a sustainable plan should be developed for long-term relief.


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