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Power, water disruptions irk Starafrica


STARAFRICA Corporation’s subsidiary, Goldstar Sugars, says the power supply at its plant has remained unstable and water services from the Harare City Council have been “ineffective”.

This comes as industry is fretting over increased power cuts and persistent water challenges, which have a direct impact on production.
The company however, explained at the same time that increased demand has seen sales volumes go up by 37 percent.

“The business unit recorded a 38 percent increase in production volumes, from 59 571 tonnes achieved in 2021 to 82 399 tonnes in the year under review.

“This was primarily due to capital investments made and a rigorous equipment maintenance regime. The latter was introduced during the year under review and has reduced the refinery’s downtime,” Starafrica chairman Rungano Mbire said in a statement accompanying group financial results for the year ended March 31, 2022.


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