Home Business Masimba construction orders increase 200%

Masimba construction orders increase 200%

Masimba construction orders increase 200%
The increase in the glass float allowed traders to remove the restriction to exchange bottles at point of purchase.
MASIMBA Holdings had 200 percent more orders last year than it did in 2020, as it reaps the rewards of increased private and government infrastructure projects.

In 2020, the company recorded projects worth US$72 million on its order book. That order book has grown to US$214 million, up just over 197%, the company says in its latest financials.
Showing the rising demand, the company has opened a new quarry mining unit to secure its supply of raw materials, and is spending more on equipment.
“The contracting business was firm, driven by roads and earthworks, water, housing and mining infrastructure. The works were evenly spread between the public and private sectors,” Masimba says.


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