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Tollgates fees reviewed upwards

Tollgates fees reviewed upwards
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THE Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) has reviewed toll fees upwards with effect from today.

In a statement, Zinara said this was in accordance with the law and the fees were pegged in both local and foreign currency.

“In terms of section 4 of the Instrument 32 of 2021, toll fees which are pegged in foreign currency are payable in ZWL (Zimbabwe dollar) at the prevailing foreign currency auction rate. Pursuant to that, we would like to advise our value customers that with effect from Monday, 23 May 2022, the following toll fees will apply,” read part of the statement.

Light motor vehicles will now pay $520 from $300 while in foreign currency it will be US$ 2. Minibuses will be required to pay $780 from $ 450 or US$ 3. Buses will now pay $1 040 from $ 600 or US$4.

Heavy vehicles which were paying $750 will now pay $1 300 and in foreign currency it will be US$ 5. While, haulage trucks’ old toll fees was $1 500 and the new toll fees will be $2 600 and in foreign currency they will pay US$10. Residential discount per term was $6 000 and the new toll fees will be$ 10 400. Zinara said toll fees in foreign currency remain unchanged.


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